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Success Case
Based on the requirement of solar cell/semiconductor manufacturer for product life cycle management, Kezhi enables customers build an industrial 4.0 intelligent factory seamlessly by implementing MES to integrate ERP with the actual production in workshop.
It is the first MES project for elevator industry in China about the application of MES in discrete manufaturing industry. The entire module includes planning and scheduling management, product quality management, and storage warehouse management. The scope of this project includes Dashi and escalator factory of Hitachi, Hitachi Building and Equipment Manufacturing (Tianjin) company and Hitachi Elevator (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The projects for Hitachi Dashi factory completed at October 2017, Hitachi Building and Equipment Manufacturing (Tianjin) company completed at January 2018, the project for Hitachi Elevator (Shanghai) Co., Ltd completed at February 2018, the entire project has been accepted at April 2018.
Requirements of the projects for home appliance company (co-implemented by Kezhi and GE) includes seven aspects of MES system as production scheduling management, production process management, product quality management, material management, equipment management, personnel management and data acquisition.
Kezhi has provided intelligent motor production line to Shanghai Edrive Co., Ltd, and there are included 23 manual, and 16 automatic and semi-automatic stations. It has achieved breakthrough in some key processes of driving motor assembly, such as automatic on-line heating of the motor casing, automatic pressing of the stator, automatic gluing, online detection, automatic assembly of the fixed rotor, automatic screwing of the robot, and automatic online testing of the motor. Combined with some production management systems as MES system, it can collect and analyze production data in real time and intelligently manage the entire production process. It is an intelligent and flexible production line that integrates automation, intelligence and information for multiple models. The production cycle ≤180sec.
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