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Motor testing is an important process during motor manufacturing and production, and also is the basis for the evaluation of motor assembly quality and technical performance. In the past, the quality of drive motor for new energy vehicle is tested by bench in laboratory, and the process is very laborious and required to be completed by many peoples. What’s more, the efficiency of drive motor production and testing are also relatively low, testing items are not uniform and the key test data query and traceback are inconvenient. For solving above problems, Kezhi has developed testing bench for new energy motor testing for Shanghai E-Drive project. In the testing bench, the clamping, motor and testing system can auto be docked. The testing software in Shanghai E-Drive also shares with the characteristic of user friendly and easy to use, and also has comprehensive function that esting items of electrical performance includes external characteristics of motor testing and test performance curve auto generating except basic factory inspections and basic testing items. The testing items can be defined by customers according to standards of factory inspection for different products and their special requirements. Testing data of this system can be auto collected and stored, and the test report can be auto generated, can be quickly queried and traced through the system
In new energy motor assembly line project of Nanjing YueBoo Power System Co., Ltd, Kezhi has innovately used motor and rotor assembly equipment of ABB. In the station, Robot has accomplished a certain of key motor assembly works as stator grabbing, coating, tightening
There are 8 auto, semi-auto station and 7 manual station in the TZ230XS-YBA402 motor assembly line project of Nanjing YueBoo Power System Co., Ltd. In this project, Kezhi has made a breakthough in some major process of drive motor assembling as motor housing auto online heating, stator auto pressing into motor housing, auto coating, stator and rotor auto assembling, robot auto tightening, motor online auto inspection, etc. Combined with the production management system such as MES system, it can collect and analyze the production data in real time, and intelligently manage the whole process of production. It is an intelligent production line integrating automation, intelligence and information. Production line production beat: ≤ 240S.
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