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Automotive Manufacturing
In the project of Tongcheng AS19 project, there includes the production process of left and right side rear side member, the first cross member, the second cross member, the third cross member, skeleton assembly, sub-plate split and back floor repairing welding. A total of 6 models are lined up in the project, which can produce 800 rear floor parts in 8 hours at the same time. In the entire production line, only the process of handing, spot welding and gluing are completed by robots except manual feeding. There are 7 sets of PLC in controling 63 robots to complete the process of welding, handing and gluing. The quality and efficiency completely surpass manually welding and handling glue.
In the project of Chong Qing Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd, Kezhi provide one flexible and automatic welding line of panel roof and body side for two model of vehicle with a production cycle of 43 JPH \ 83sec. This is one kind of turnkey project that Kezhi is responsible for the revelent tasks as design, simulation, manufaturing, purchasing, integration, installation and debugging, etc. There are 34 sets of robots, 27 sets of fixtures including the process of spot welding, stud welding, arc welding, hemming, etc. The project has passed final acceptance and been put into production.
The main assembly line and test line of Changan Ford engine production line are used to manufacture gasoline engine with three or four cylinders. The main lines and sub-packing lines are reasonably connected and the logistics is smooth in the project. The design of this project is based on the priciple of flexiblity and compactability under the conditions of meeting the requirement for process and cycle time. The workscope of Kezhi includes drawings design, electrical planning, technical supporting, project controling, electrical system upgrading, MES developing and some critical stations designing and manufacturing(as visual recognition systems, screwing machines, robot, gluing machines, code scanners, etc. )
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