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QMS(Quality Management System)is one kind of quality management system,which is designed and developed for the requirements of ISO/TS. Its core value is constantly improving the management quality and providing one set of quality management system for enterprise, achieving leap-forward development in quality management during the rapid development of sicense and technology.
APM(Application Performance Management)is one systematic solution for application perfomance and failure management by real-time monitoring. Application performance management is a relatively new technology in network management. The real-time monitoring and optimization for the key business in enterprise ensures the reliability and quality of application, and reduce TCO. The performance of key business applications can help enterprise be more competitive and succssful, so strengthening the usage of APM brings significant business benefit.
WMS(Warehouse Management System)is one comprehensive inventory management software used for batch management, material picking, inventory counting and quality inspection through the fountion of putaway, entry of goods, transferring and virtual management. With these founctions, the whole process of logistics and cost could be effectively controlled and tracked ensuring you a complete management for inventory information.
MES(Manufacturing Execution System) is one set of informationized system for ensuring effective execution of the manufacturing operation and improvement the production output. It serves as a functional layer linking plan layer system(as ERP/SAP) to process control systems on the factory floor. With information transfer function, MES has optimized the entire production process from order release to complete product lifecycle. It provides real-time reports for the activities occurred in the factory, and these datas allow decision-makers to guide and optimize the production process. In turn, efficient guidance for manufacturing process improves delivery capacity and production return achieving zero inventory. Critical data in product manufacturing can be provided by this two-way and direct communication within the enterprise and product supply chain.
APS(Advanced Planning and Scheduling) has synchronous, real-time and constrained simulation functions for all resources. With APS, you can maximum take advantage of the production capacity of equipment by the functions of flexible and variable production schedules, visual production sequencing, and production job instructions changes and supply chain planning dynamic adjustments. APS provides supply and demand planning based on the goals, overall supply and demand situation of enterprises. Applying advanced planning techniques and methods such as mathematical models (such as linear programming), network models, or simulation techniques, it is possible to take into account both enterprise constraints and goals when planning production to develop a feasible and optimal production plan. Making better use of these real-time data realizes real-time planning.
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