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Kezhi applies Siemens Tecnomatix software (Plant Design & Optimization) in the simulation for plant logistics. Through Tecnomatix software, the modeling and simulation ensures highest effiency of production system and process before the production starting. With this visual plant, engineers could predict the problem and production situtation ahead, then time for solving problem in production will be saved.
Kezhi applies Robcad software in the offline simulation of robot for robot path optimization, reducing robot debugging time for shortening the overall execution time of the project. Rodcad is one kind of simulation tool for unit station that enables you to develop, simulate, optimize, verify and offline design the layout of multi-device robot and the process of automated manufacturing process. All the simulation of Robcad is based on the configuration and resource data. By building this fully upgradable digital prototype for entire manufacturing unit and system in a three-dimensional environment, it provides the platform for optimizing processes and calculating cycle times for each stage of the development schedule from concept formation to implementation. As a scalable solution, Robcad fully integrates core technology and a set of powerful process-specific applications that could be used for the progress of spot welding, arc welding, laser, water gun cutting, reaming, riveting, and painting, etc.
In the body-in-white project, Kezhi applies Process Designer/Process Simulate software of Siemens Tecnomatix for planning and simulation in the production line of the vehicle welding production lline. With the Process Designer/Process Simulate software, the time for process planning can be significantly shorten, accurancy of process planning can be improved and process can be optimized according to the simulation results.
Kezhi has applied Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Design & Optimization software for plant design and optimization. With this software, the modeling and simluation to production system and process can be achieved, ensuring the highest efficiency of the production systems and processes. You can avoiding wasting time in solving problems in real factories by detecting these effects of plant design ahead in virtual factory.
Kezhi focuses on the application of visual inspection in the process of advanced manufacturing, and as the execlusive agent in China, Kezhi has achieved long term cooperate with Germany company in the field of 3D laser scanning technology. 3D laser scanning technology has been used in different industrial sectors as automotive, aerospace, aviation, railway transportation and ships, etc. for online measurement, coating inspection, surface difference dectection and so on. The 3D laser scanning has been used to help customers a lot in increasing market competitiveness by controling costs, improving quality, efficiency and the degree of intelligence.
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