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DPS (Digital Picking System) is one kind of system that connects the electronic tags on the shelves of goods in picking area to other devices. The controll computer could give outbound instruction and light electronic tags on the good’s shelf according to the goods’ position and order lists. Then with the quantity displayed on the electronic tags, the operator could quickly, accurately and easily complete order picking.
SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is one kind of automated remote monitoring and control system for on-site running devices, which is based on computers for production process supervising and controling. It has been widely used in the fields of electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, automotive, chemical, gas, railway and so on. SCADA mainly consists of the following components: monitoring computer, RTU, PLC, communication infrastructure, and HMI.
Andon is one kind of multi-function automatic control system for acoustooptic multimedia specifically for information management and control during production design. The requirements for just-in-time production, easy-to maintenance and production situation easily grasped by management personnel could be achieved by real-time data acquisition of equipment, production and management, display it in LCD/ LED, then broadcast synchronously.
AVI(Automatic Vehicle Identification) applies the technology of RFID and bar code recognition for acquisiting and uploading the information of car body to Tag. With this kind of technology, the car body can be automatically identified and tracked. Mass production data or revelant quality information can be real-time acquisited, interacted with MES/ERP by interface for order information and production plan, etc. The suitable production arragement also could be achieved by tracking technology.
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