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By combining with the MES system, the digital measurement system automatically obtains measurement items, measurement standards, and other process parameters from the MES system. After the measurement
Based on our rich experience in implementing smart factory systems and platform products middleware, we connect production equipment, information display equipment, etc. into an organic whole, and no
The solution can be accurately positioned indoors through Bluetooth or WI-FI technology, and can provide accurate indoor real-time navigation or real-time positioning of important equipment and resour
CM company is found in 1998 as one professional producer of mechanical systems and special equipment. In the year of 2004, CM company built one new plant in Turin, Italy. In the year of 2005, CM company is renamed as BMG company with headquarter in Torinese Settimo for the projects of lean production. In the year of 2009, CM company is merged with CLF company (PAVESI ) inherited its technology and production resources.
30 years ago, we face one challenge for developing one robotic measuring system in product quality testing. We rises to it, and achieve success constantly in expanding this kind of technology. In the technology, Battenberg robotic measuring system has combined hardware(robots, robotic units, robotic arms with grippers, etc.), software and sensor to measure, test, analyze and evaluate the product quality throughout the whole production chain.
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