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Talent recruitment
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MES System Development Engineer

Place of work: Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an
Basic duties:
1. Project support for software projects, automotive or other manufacturing information systems.
2. Software development and debugging, and other project-related site work.
Skills requirements:
1. Ability to develop and use C#, VB.Net programs and libraries.
2. B/S architecture program development: Learn about ASP.NET web page program development.
3. C/S architecture program development: understand WinForm window program development.
4. Understand SQL syntax and SQL Server operations.
Post requirements:
1. Computer science, communication engineering, automation related majors.
2. Can adapt to frequent business trips, strong communication skills and team spirit.
Big Account Manager(MES Software, Non-Standard Automation Pipeline)
Place of work: Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an
1. College or above.
2. Three to five years of experience in the sales of IT products in automation, with experience in the automotive industry, discrete industry, municipal industry, and government industry is preferred.
3. Experience in channel development is preferred.
4. Under 35 years of age.
5. Good image temperament, excellent communication and expression skills, full of affinity, good interpersonal relationship management, with good negotiation and insight;
6. Have a sense of responsibility and self-improvement, hard work, strong learning ability, strong execution, can travel;
7. Practitioners with data operations are preferred.
8. College English level 4 or above.
Terms of reference:
1. Complete the daily customer visit and visit week report and Zhoujihua.
2. Channel development.
3. Collect and analyze industry market information.
4. Assist the company to carry out various marketing activities.
5. Be able to plan the sales volume and achieve the target.
6. Participate in bidding, signing, negotiating, and other work, responsible for sales of rebates.
MES Senior Implementation Engineer
Place of work: Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an
Job information:
1, according to the scope of the project, responsible for the implementation of MES system related work, needs analysis, blueprint and detailed design, system development and implementation, system testing and online, user training and operation maintenance;
2, is responsible for leading the development of the MES development team's technology development;
3, responsible for the development of MES and other common systems(ERP, SAP, etc.) integration plan;
4, complete the MES system implementation related work, including system development, system on-line, system test run.
Job requirements:
1, bachelor degree or above, computer, information management, industrial automation and other related majors;
2, familiar with the discrete manufacturing manufacturing mode, have a deep understanding of the on-site production plan management, manufacturing management, production tracking, quality management, production logistics, etc..
3, more than 3 years of MES implementation experience, at least one complete project implementation experience;
4, refined. NET system architecture; Proficient in the application of SQL Server and other databases;
5, has a good logic analysis ability, technical knowledge;
6, has a good communication, coordination ability and team cooperation spirit, good at coordination and cooperation; High sense of responsibility and execution;
7, willing to work in the customer site, familiar with GE platform is preferred
Electrical Engineer(Electrical Design)
Place of work: Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an
Job description:
1, according to technical requirements, electrical design tasks, including project hardware design, preparation of electrical wiring diagram, hardware selection;
2, complete the debugging work of PLC software responsible for the project within the company, with Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi PLC and HMI programming experience is preferred;
3, responsible for on-site equipment electrical debugging, analysis and handling of problems encountered;
4, responsible for the project output data compilation, change, arrangement and updating, archiving;
5, have the automobile assembly line design experience is preferred;
6, responsible for the related equipment after sales service work.
-Full-time undergraduate or above, English 4, major in electrical automation.
-More than two years of relevant work experience, familiar with Siemens S7-300 programming, Siemens touch screen, WINCC and other upper computer software, understanding of VB and SQL databases.
-Experience in electrical design and knowledge of electrical principles. Computer proficiency, master electrical engineering design software.
-Be able to travel for a long time and have teamwork spirit.
Senior Electrical Engineer(PLC)
Place of work: Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an
Job duties:
1. Prepare electrical drawing template and guide project team members in electrical design.
2. Write PLC program template, guide project team members to program PLC.
3. Actively communicate with the purchasing Department of the company and track the arrival of materials.
4. Guide the installation person in charge of the assembly line installation and wiring.
5. Lead the project team members to conduct PLC debugging on the project site.
6. Solve the opening problem raised by the customer and urge the project team to rectify.
Post requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above; At least 5 years working experience in related industries.
2. More than 3 years of electrical work experience in large-scale automation projects; The assembly automation industry is preferred.
3. Have more than 3 automatic wire independent electrical design experience, PLC programming debugging experience.
4. Familiar with the electrical design standards and PLC design standards of large vehicle plants such as Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, and Chang 'an.
5. Familiar with the entire series of Siemens products, mainly including PLC(200, 300, 400), touch screen(TP1200, etc.), inverter(MM440, G120, etc.), servo controller(S110, S120), RFID, industrial bus(PROFIBUS, PROFINET), low-voltage appliances.
6. Familiar with more than one other series of electrical products in addition to Siemens.
7. Familiar with third-party products commonly used in the assembly industry, such as: scanning guns, decoders, industrial cameras, laser engraving machines, industrial robots(ABB, FANUC, KUKA), tightening guns, side leak devices, etc..
8. Proficient in the use of electrical drawing software, PLC programming software.
9. Familiar with the upper computer software WINCC, IFIX, CIMPLICITY.
10. Have project experience in docking with the upper MES system.
11. Good at leading team work, strong communication skills, strong stress resistance, adapt to travel.
MES Systems Project Manager
Job description:
Responsible for the management of manufacturing MES development projects: prepare project plans, control project progress, control project costs and quality, and perform task division
2, responsible for communicating with MES customers, collect, analyze and confirm customer needs, and cooperate with developers to develop technical solutions
3, responsible for manufacturing execution system MES project pre-sale, system development and implementation of after-sale technical support
4, take charge of the software development work
Post requirements:
1, bachelor degree or above, major in automation, computer related, must have 2 years or more related work experience of MES or ERP development;
2, 2 years experience in project management, PMP certificate preferred
3, proficient in the manufacturing industry MES, has a certain understanding of the operation of the manufacturing industry; Has rich experience in program development, project management and implementation; Have the capability of requirement analysis and program design, can independently carry out the requirement analysis and specification preparation;
4, master at least one programming language, familiar with C#,. Net development language, B/S, C/S architecture, various databases
5, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, good communication, can travel
Project Manager, Non-standard Automation
Job description:
1. Responsible for writing project proposal, report according to project section.
2. Responsible for project planning promotion and coordination, according to project schedule needs, reasonable coordination of staff arrangements;
3. According to the needs of the project, carry out the coordination work of each department within the company;
4. Responsible for docking with customers, coordinate the working business relationship between engineers and customers, and strengthen information communication.
Post requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electromechanical integration, electrical engineering, electrical automation, automatic control or related, aged 28 or above;
2. 3-5 years relevant work experience, project management experience is preferred;
3. Computer proficiency, able to prepare various types of work reports;
4. Have good communication ability, stress resistance, comprehensive coordination ability;
5. Strong team awareness; Strong sense of responsibility, good communication and cooperation can be in accordance with the needs of work production tasks under the leadership arrangements;
6. Can adapt to short-term travel requirements.