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Intelligent Consultation

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In the past 10 years, Kezhi has successfully help hunderds of enterprises building customized lean management system, including Fortune Global 500, large state-owned and many private enterprises. The application of industry cover field from autombile, Home appliance, electronics, machinery, medicine, food and beverage to chemicals, etc. After data statistics and analysis, nearly 80% of the customers have cooperated with Kezhi for multi-phase projects. From the current practical results, most of these companies have a relatively good basis for intelligent manufacturing transformation. 

Under this circumstance, manufacturing industry will transformed from each isolated automation unit into integrated and interconnected automation entity, thanks to this transformation, the flexibility of production system, speed, efficiency, and quality all be improved. For example, the production efficiency of Germany will reach to 5-8% of the total cost in the next 10 years.


Intelligent Manufacturing(Industry 4.0 or industrial internet ) have deeply transformed our cognition for design, manufactures, project operation, service and production system.

The interaction between machine and humans has increased the production speed by 30%, improved the manufacturing efficiency by 25%. Meanwhile, the standard for customized products also has been elevated to a new level. 

In the current context, almost all manufaturing enterprises are thinking about the question: how to transform traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufaturing? Although the development trendency of manufacturing industry in the next 10 years of has been pointed out in Manufacturing 2025 in 2015, every manufacturing enterprise still wonders where is the “strating point ”and what should they do in particular. So for most of them at this stage, it is the first step for them achieving quick and successful tranformation that cooperate with one company as “Design Institute”to make out the plan of intelligent manufacturing transforming and upgrading for the next 3-5 years.

As one consulting, integration and inplementation company with 20-year proven experiences in the manufacturing automation, informatization and intelligent, Kezhi has rich experience in building manufacturing operation system. We are based on the strategic direction to make improvement plans even in the initial stage, and cooperate with the enterprise leadship to plan the intelligent development of enterprise in next 5 or even 10 years. In other words, Kezhi has positioned herself as a “design Insitute”for the optimization of manufacturing models. From the top-level strategic design to implementation, Kezhi has jointly cooperated with downstream software and hardware suplliers to make viable intelligent manufacturing plans. The key elements of intelligent manufacturing include standardization, automation, informationization and intelligence, and then ultimately achieving overall improvement of software and hardware. In this process, we help our customer avoid blinding investment, and upgrade in reasonable plan. And also the core principle of this upgrade is effectiveness. For example, for many enterprises, the first thing to consider is the standardization of operation and management. And what matters is a reasonable return on investment and financial benefits.  

In the opinion of Kezhi, three things should be done for enterprises to smoothly achieve intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Frist, which also the key how to generate value and achieve the desired return on investment. Building “Lean System”, that is to design one set of advanced and standardized operation process, applys this process to procurement, logistics, production, quality management and other operating systems, and then solifying it. Meanwhile, a group of professionals in lean management should be trained. Second, seting up the on-site monitoring system after the implementation of the above lean system, which is used for information collection, transfer, analysis and other function. Third, automation upgrade for terminal hardware and production equipment.

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