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If a change has been made to a device program that is determined to be incorrect, MDT AutoSave Change Management Software enables you to remove that change and roll back to any previous version within seconds.
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MDT AutoSave

Automation Change Management

Remove Unwanted Changes
If a change has been made to a device program that is determined to be incorrect, MDT AutoSave Change Management Software enables you to remove that change and roll back to any previous version within seconds.
Maintain a history of all device program changes

AutoSave ensures that if a device loses its program due to hardware failure or power loss, the most recent copy of program logic is available so plant operations can be restored quickly and correctly. Also, the complete history of program changes enables engineers and managers to improve processes by reviewing all change activity.

Verify the code running in the device matches the file copy

For many manufacturing processes, it is very important to know the code running in each device has not been changed without proper tracking. On a schedule, AutoSave will compare the program running in the device with the latest copy in our database to detect and identify changes that may have been unknown or unauthorized. This protects your process, people and equipment.

AutoSave provides complete control over device programs, including:

• Automated program revision history
• Detail change comparison and notification
• Electronic signature approval
• User access and security control
• Complete audit trail of activity
• Central database of changes
• Automatic change notification

upporting the greatest range of devices in the industry

MDT AutoSave change management software supports the greatest breadth of automation devices in the industry, including any PC-based application. We support FTP directly, as well as any other communication method using our modules in combination with 3rd party software (such as SCP, DeviceNet, Profibus,Modbus and many more.)

MDT focuses solely on change management, and does not develop PLC, SCADA or DCS products. We believe this independence is our strength, enabling us to address our client’s version control needs objectively.

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