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Plant Simulation

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Kezhi has applied Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Design & Optimization software for plant design and optimization. With this software, the modeling and simluation to production system and process can be achieved, ensuring the highest efficiency of the production systems and processes. You can avoiding wasting time in solving problems in real factories by detecting these effects of plant design ahead in virtual factory.
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Kezhi has applied Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Design & Optimization software for plant design and optimization. With this software, the modeling and simluation to production system and process can be achieved, ensuring the highest efficiency of the production systems and processes. You can avoiding wasting time in solving problems in real factories by detecting these effects of plant design ahead in virtual factory.

The traditional plant layout is mainly based on AutoCAD 2D, and as a result, most details is difficult to display and analyze. Tecnomatix FactoryCAD is one sort of professional 3D plant layout software totally based on AutoCAD with rich library of parameterized typical plant layout resource, supporting the JT interaction format. With FactoryCAD, the error in design of plant layout can be easily detected early in the process of design, avoiding some wastes during plant construction. Meanwhile, the plant layout of FactoryCAD can be opened by other applications, saving the time in interactive analysis and evaluation to maximize the usage of plant layout.

Plant Simulation is one kind of software for the planning, simulation and optimization of production process and discrete events. This computer model enables users to perform experiments and scenario simulations without disturbing the existing production or testing it even in the process planning stage. It is one object-oriented, graphical, integrated modeling and simulation tool, which could model, simulate and optimize the production systems of factories and production lines in all sizes to analyze and optimize production layout, resource utilization, improve efficiency of capacity, logistics, and supply and demand.


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