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Kezhi won the project of Malaysia Proton

Kezhi won the project of Malaysia Proton

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Abstract: Proton Motors was formally established in 1983 in the initiative of the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is a state-owned holding company in Malaysia, so Geely has held no more than 50% of its shares in the guarantee of being the largest shareholder and show respect to Malaysia.

Abstract: Proton Motors was formally established in 1983 in the initiative of the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is a state-owned holding company in Malaysia, so Geely has held no more than 50% of its shares in the guarantee of being the largest shareholder and show respect to Malaysia.

Proton Motors had a brilliant performance in the 1990s, exported to many countries, and even acquired one sports car company Luster of Britain. However, sales of Proton have started to decline after the year of 2016. For Geely, the biggest significance of acquiring Proton is that Li Shufu intends to enter automotive market of Southeast Asia. According to statistics, Southeast Asian is expected to become the sixth largest automotive market in the world. Due to economic conditions, economical and practical vehicles will account for the vast majority, which is consistent with most of Geely's product lines. For Geely, this will be next point of sales growth. On the other hand, Malaysia is a member of the ASEAN Free Trade Area, from where the vehicle exported to ASEAN countries can enjoy duty-free treatment, which is also crucial for Geely to open the ASEAN countries' markets compared with more than 30% tariffs required in exporting from China.

The project of Malaysia Geely Proton in an important step for Geely's overseas expansion and will be a benchmark model factory for Geely. Kezhi has undertaken the following workscope of projects from hardware design, cabinet assembly, overseas on-site installation, robot debugging, and PLC programming and debugging.